WildStar Wednesday: Arenas Detailed

In this week’s WildStar Wednesday, Jen “Bardic” Gordy brought us details on the Arenas portion of the PvP Elder Game.  In true Carbine fashion they’ve put their unique spin on the existing formula.  As Bardic puts it in the article, “The Arena Elder Game aims itself at players who thrive on challenging skill play, a competitive environment, and small team tactical play. This Elder Game type also lends itself well to (future!) development of tournaments/e-sport systems, which deepens attachment to the challenge and progression of the Arena system.”


Arenas in WildStar

Arena teams will come in three sizes: 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5.  These teams will be formed in-game and players may only join one team of each size.  These teams will earn ratings points based on the outcome of their matches.  At this point you’re probably thinking this sounds exactly like the Arenas found in those other games you’ve played, and you’d be right.  However, the twist is that instead of single elimination, teams share a pool of “lives” and players will respawn.  The key to winning a match in WildStar Arenas is to exhaust your opposing team’s respawns.  On the surface this seems like a minor, but compelling twist.  However, given the fact that an easy target on your team becomes a significant liability, it could change the way you think about competitive PvP.

Arena Gameplay

What else does Carbine have up their sleeve?

Bardic continues on to stress the importance of meta features when it comes to competitive PvP in MMOs.  Carbine hopes to incorporate features such as leaderboards, web profiles and reports, spectator modes and streaming tools either at launch or in the future.  It’s reassuring to learn how well the team understands the current eSport climate, and their recognition of the importance of delivering a strong PvP aspect out of the gate.  While the article gives just a taste of things in store, we can assume this is only one sliver of the Elder Game PvP content we’ll see in WildStar.


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