Larryn Houser, AKA Skya Ta’em, has had a love of all things mystical since she was little. Skya is the newest gamer on the Mission:Nexus team, ranking higher in time spent reading or drawing than gaming thus far. However, she has always had a love for game art, concept, and watching others play. A self-described explorer, Skya has a curious nature and (once her ship lands) you will likely find her roaming Nexus collecting flora, mixing potions, or trying to solve whatever puzzle she has come across. Here on Earth, Skya lives in Columbus, Ohio working as an administrative assistant in higher education. Skya fell for Wildstar hard while at PAX East 2013, where she got the chance to sit through panel, watch the game play, and even meet members of Team Wildstar. Skya is especially excited to dive head first into learning the game and interacting with members from all areas of the Wildstar community.


Twitter: @SkyaOnNexus