Russel Pepper, AKA Datix, is a 31 year old gamer living with his wife and daughter in Pataskala, Ohio.  As a day job, Russel works as an IT director and web developer.  Having grown up playing games from an early age, Russel has always had a fondness for the industry and the gaming community.  When he heard about WildStar, he fell in love with the work that Carbine was doing to take the best parts of the MMO genre and blend it together in a sci-fi, humorous mix of awesomeness.  It was after PAX East 2013 and the game’s showing at that convention that he knew he must not only play and follow it’s development, but become a part of the growing community of WildStar players.


Email: datix@mission-nexus.com
Twitter: @rpepper