Episode 9: A Day Late and a C.R.E.D.D. Short

It’s been a huge news week in WildStar land, and the crew is here to break it all down for you. We’re a day late, but this is a big episode, chock full of Nexian goodness. Not only did we get another DevSpeak video telling us all about Crowd Control and an update about the release date, but we finally know the business model of WildStar! What do we think about it? You’ll find out, and we’ll speculate on some of the possibilities that provides. We’ve also got questions from our friends in the community, and Krissy is looking for more for a potential Ohio fan meetup. Pour yourself a tall glass of your favorite beverage, turn the lights down low, and listen to Episode 9 with Skya, Krissy, Datix and Domichi!

What’s in this Episode?

Talking Gamescom
Release date change
New DevSpeak video: Crowd Control
Talking ’bout the WildStar Business Model
Ahnrez asks about the impact of the business model on tradeskills
Ahnrez asks us to pick favorites among the dev team
Chris wants to know what player-run events we’d like
Shout outs and goodbyes

Useful/Referenced Links

DevSpeak: Crowd Control (Official Website)
The Business (Model) of WildStar (Official Website)
Business Model Breakdown and FAQ (Official Website)
Krissy’s WildStar Central Post about a Columbus, Ohio Meetup (WildStar Central Forums)


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Written by: Datix

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  1. ErraticDecay says:

    Greetings M:N! Another great podcast. Thanks for the Wild Spaces feature as well. So what’s the deal on this meetup? Any idea with regards to tentative dates? Looking forward to it.

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