Episode 8: Beta Hiatus

Update: Apparently someone, or something, got into our systems and inserted their own bit into our podcast around 30 seconds in. So far all we know is someone by the name of Fizzbitt on Twitter is claiming responsibility.

Skya has returned and we have a big news drop from Mike Donatelli to chew on in Episode 8 of the Mission: Nexus Podcast! Before we hit that main course, we nibble on appetizers of stress test foot races, and the interviews from Victor Lazarin and Mondo Zax. When we dig into the news of big changes to questing and mob tagging, the crew tries to explain what this means for the game, as well as the possible pros and cons of these changes. Grab yourself a nice tall glass of speculation, lay out your jump to conclusions mat, and join us for another episode.

What’s in this Episode?

1:30 Beta Stress Test Races 1
5:20 Victor Lazarin Interview 2
8:50 Mondo Zax Interview 3
13:50 Character Progression and Milestone Changes 4
21:15 Mob Tagging and Share Quest Credit Changes 4
53:45 Shout Outs and Outro

Referenced Links

1. Stress Test Foot Race (WildStar Facebook)
2. Victor Lazarin Interview (Official WildStar Website)
3. Mondo Zax Interview (Official WildStar Website)
4. WildStar Wednesday: State of the Beta – August 7th, 2013 (Official WildStar Website)

Written by: Datix

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