Episode 28: Old School

Long-time listeners are going to enjoy this one. The Crew decided to take a night and just chat like the good old days. No segments, no crazy over-production, just a good old conversation about WildStar. We cover what we’ve been up to (or not up to, as it were.) We also talk a bit about the Gamescom reveals of Shade’s Eve, The Defile and changes to the Silver Dungeon Attunement step. Finally, Datix takes a moment to climb up on his soapbox and talk some sense into these people preaching doom and gloom about the state of the game. It’s a good old-fashioned Mission: Nexus Podcast!

What’s in this Episode?

What’s in the Box?
Shade’s Eve
The Defile and Beyond
Attunement Changes
Carbine Has a Plan, or Quit Acting Like WildStar is Dying

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Written by: Datix

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