Episode 24: Too Busy Playing

Well, we’re late. Other than a 48-hour Internet outage at Datix’s house, there’s not a great excuse for it. The siren call of Nexus sang it’s way into my brain and shut down my responsibility receptors, and what free time I had was spent playing WildStar. To make it up to you, please accept this gift of Mission: Nexus, now with 50% more podcast! Yep, it’s a long one this time around. We had some fun with angry forum posts, spent a little time chatting about what we’ve been doing so far in the game, and Datix and Domichi took advantage of our delayed release to chat a bit about the Strain flick. There’s even a brand-new segment for you Housing fanatics in the audience that we think you’ll enjoy. Even if you don’t care for housing, you’ll want to listen to this one!

Finally, we’re starting a regular feature at the end of each show where we’ll read and respond to some listener emails. We’re even giving away a free one-month game time card to a listener who sends us a letter each episode! Send us an email at podcast@mission-nexus.com with the subject “Mailbag”, and your email could be featured on an upcoming episode of the Mission: Nexus Podcast!

What’s in this Episode?

Nexus Transmissions
Angry Forum Posts
D & D: Strain!
The Crew talks about our adventures so far
This Old Housing Plot: Maximizing your Rested XP Buffs

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Written by: Datix

1 Response to "Episode 24: Too Busy Playing"

  1. TakFacepalm says:

    Welcome back Skya! :-D
    It is good to hear the entire gang back together.

    The Angry Forum Posts section is hilarious. :-P

    Keep up the good work. If you guys ever need a body to fill a group, hit me up. I will be leveling a Mordesh Stalker on Stormtalon. ;-)

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