Episode 23: Turncoats!

Dude…seriously. This is it. The last episode about a game that isn’t even released yet, and what better way to celebrate than being joined by Arawulf! You may know Arawulf as the owner of WildStarFans.net, or his own podcast, the Planet Nexus Cast. He’s a great friend of ours, and we’re honored he took the time to join us for a discussion of whether or not we feel WildStar is poised to succeed. As always, Datix and Domichi, everyone’s favorite podcast personalities they’d kill if they could get away with it duo returns to bring you our look at the recently announced realm names. But stick around people, because the end of the show isn’t just the same old Twitter info. There’s a bit of a twist this time around, and if you’ve listened to us for a while, I think you’re in for a shock.

That said, we’re a mere hours away from Early Access, so get to listening! Because let’s face it, ain’t nobody going to be spending time with us once those servers go live. (Domichi Note: They never listened when the servers weren’t live, either, jackass.)

What’s in this Episode?

Introduction and getting to know Arawulf
Nexus Transmissions
Will WildStar Succeed?
D & D: Our Take on the Realm List
What a Twist!

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Written by: Datix

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