Episode 22: The Ritual

So we all have one: The Launch Week Ritual. Maybe you take time off of work to play. Perhaps you tell your family and friends that you love them, but you can’t see them again for some time. Of course, it could be that you just hit the grocery store and buy pallets of caffeinated beverages, chips and antacids. Whatever your ritual is, we’ve got them too, and we decided to share our plans for how we’ll spend the first official week of WildStar’s launch. Will Cacuin abandon all responsibilities in an attempt to get to 50 first? Will Krissy “accidentally” spill Rockstar into Domichi’s machine in an effort to make sure someone has to do the house work? Will Datix fashion some sort of feeding device and spend hours researching the most absorbent diaper brands on the market? (Note: Please don’t call the government. I would never neglect my children for a game. Even WildStar. Promise.)

Well listener, you’ll have to tune in to find out! But don’t worry, it’s not all about how we’ll attempt to eat our body weight in junk food and stay awake for 48 hours straight by mainlining energy drinks. We’ve also got your WildStar news in Nexus Transmissions, and Datix and Domichi put on their sleuthing caps to see what some of the Ex-Carbine Staffers have moved on to. It’s all here in our big double-double, Episode 22!

What’s in this Episode?

What We’ve Been Up To
Nexus Transmissions
Our MMO Launch Week Rituals
D & D: Ex-Carbine Staff – Where Are They Now?
Outro and Shout-Outs

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Written by: Datix

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