Episode 21: The New Hotness

It’s a brand new episode of the Mission: Nexus podcast, now with 50% more Skype Chat noises in the background! (Datix Note: Sorry bout that folks.) As always, we bring you the latest WildStar news, including a rundown of promotions/depatures and all around shuffles at Carbine Studios. The crew also gathered to give you the second half of PAX East story time. Story time you say? That’s right, children. Gather ’round and Old Man Domichi will regale you with tales guaranteed to put you to sleep on the edge of your seat.

Speaking of Domichi, he and Datix have this thing called D&D (you might have heard of it). Well this time, they choose the winner of our Rowsdower plushie giveaway right here live* on the podcast! Finally, since Carbine has been so generous with throwing out bonus beta weekends, we’re bringing you a bonus topic this time around: The New UI. We’ve been waiting to get our hands on this thing since February’s preview of the revamp, and we’ll give you our thoughts after two weekends of hands-on time with it.

So change into something a little more comfortable, grab your favorite drink, turn the lights down real low, and join us for Episode 21 of the Mission: Nexus Podcast!

*Recorded from an earlier live broadcast. Because that’s how podcasts work. What? You think every time you hit the play or download button, we run to our computers and just do the same show only for you, you special snowflake? Sorry, that was a bit much. We still love you.

What’s in this Episode?

00:00 Introductions
01:35 Nexus Transmissions
04:00 PAX East Story Time
31:00 D & D: Drawing Winners for the Rowsdower Giveaway!
34:55 UI 2.0: Our Thoughts
50:15 Outro

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Written by: Datix

3 Responses to "Episode 21: The New Hotness"

  1. Rarrg says:

    Hooray for Scott and his Dead Rowsdower!

  2. Dan Bastin says:

    WOO! Good show as always. Sounds like PAX was a blast. What was y’alls favorite non-Wildstar thing that you saw there?

  3. cacuin says:

    I saw the warmachine tactics video game and a board game called dodgeball wizards. Both were a lot of fun.

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