Episode 19: Benny and Joon 3rd

We’re coming up quick on our 20th episode, but first we have to get that pesky 19th episode out of the way! This time around, the crew discusses the details of WildStar’s pre-orders and our thoughts on the editions available. Suffice to say, we’re stoked that WildStar has an official release date and super-cool goodies for those of us who are already throwing our money at Carbine in anticipation. Wrapping it all up, Datix and Domichi return with their segment to talk about some of those cliched character names we’re sure to see on Nexus.

Our next episode will be a big one, because it will be a recap of everything we see and do at PAX East 2014! It’s also a bit of a milestone in that we’re confident in the newer format and have (hopefully) worked out all the kinks to delivering you a timely and entertaining show. We still have some time before we ship up to Boston, so hit us up on the tweetsphere or the comments section below if there’s anything you want to be sure we cover at the show!

What’s in this Episode?

00:00 Intro
00:40 Nexus Transmissions with Krissy
05:00 WildStar Release Date and Pre-Order Information
27:20 D&D (Datix and Domichi): Cliche WildStar Character Names
46:48 Outro

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Written by: Datix

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