Episode 17: The Engineer

The Crew is back from the holidays and we’ve brought a surprise. Introducing our newest co-host, Cacuin! But that’s not all that’s new for 2014. We are always working hard to improve the show for our listeners, and while it is still very much a work-in-progress, we’ve started to change up the format to make it easier to get episodes out quicker. This time, we introduce our news segment Nexus Transmissions, a quick rundown of the hottest news in the WildStar community, brought to you by Skya. Keep an ear open on future episodes for even more changes!

So what’s this one all about? Well, we had a little bit of unfinished business from prior to the holidays…our discussion of the Engineer class. We make good on that promise this time around, with the added benefit of being able to lend a bit of personal experience with the class to our discussion. We (technically) answer a question about beta from Umbradomo on Twitter regarding the ease of linking crafting recipes in chat. It’s a short-and-sweet M:N Podcast this time around, but we’re gearing up to talk even more about our experiences on Nexus between levels 1-15 on the next episode, so stay tuned!

Speaking of that next episode, we’re hoping our listeners will help drive the conversation. We want to address any burning questions you have about WildStar, so ask away! (Note: If you have burning sensations, please see your physician.) You can hit us up on Twitter, or send your questions to podcast@mission-nexus.com. Of course, we always love to read your comments, so feel free to leave one below!

What’s in this Episode?

Nexus Transmissions
The Engineer
Wrap-up and Outro

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