Episode 11: Instance Gratification

We’re (finally) back with our 11th episode of the podcast. This time around, Jolli rejoins Datix, Skya, Domichi and Krissy to talk about Ability Mechanics and Shiphand Missions! The crew also takes a moment to educate Skya in our new segment, and Krissy decides to unbox her LootCrate live. We laugh, we cry laugh some more, and we talk about WildStar’s potential to overwhelm players with so many different types of content. Oh, and don’t forget to stick around towards the end for a clue to solving Anhrez’s Crossword Puzzle (12 Across)!


What’s in this Episode?

The latest DevSpeak on Ability Mechanics
Shiphand Missions, and does WildStar have too many ways to play?
Schooling Skya: Ability Types
Krissy unboxes her September LootCrate.
Anhrez’s Crossword Puzzle Question (12 Across)
Shout-out to Grievance Gaming and Debuffed
Wrap-up and Outro

Useful/Referenced Links

DevSpeak: Ability Mechanics (Official Website)
WildStar Wednesday: All Hands on Deck for Shiphand Missions! (Official Website)
WildStar: Ship Shape with Shiphands (Mana Obscura)
Crossword Puzzle Contest Details (Settler in Exile)
Debuffed: WildStar News (Twitch)
Grievance Gaming Website
Krissy’s WildStar Central Post about a Columbus, Ohio Meetup (WildStar Central Forums)


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Written by: Datix

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