Zone Details: Crimson Isle

WildStar Wednesday Thursday this week brings us details about a new, never-before-seen zone called Crimson Isle. This zone is located off the coast of Deradune, and looks to be a rocky, deserted land full of all manner of evil beasts and humanoids. Due to these deadly creatures and all around crappy location, the Dominion has yet to even explore the Crimson Isle fully.

Outside of the Scrabs, which look to be the offspring of an unholy union between Sebastian of The Little Mermaid and that giant, nightmare-inducing, why-is-something-so-terrifying-in-a-children’s-movie scorpion the kids fought in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, there is a settlement of unidentified humanoids calling Crimson Isle home. Are they friendly? Are they hostile? Given the results of Bio-phase scans that reveal mutated skeletal remains and mass graves and the following communication from Collegium analysts, we’ll go ahead and put our money on the latter.

Collegium: Scientific Report
Re: Unidentified Humanoid Population CI36

The data concerning the unidentified humanoids [designated Species CI36] inhabiting Crimson Isle is mostly inconclusive, although we have determined with the utmost certainty that they are native to planet Nexus. Bio-phase scans do indicate an alarming level of biological mutation throughout the population, well outside the expected margins even for a small, isolated community. High levels of distortion in our visual imagery make it difficult to be precise, but anthropological models based on limited cultural data seem to indicate these humanoids are primitive, superstitious and barbaric. Cannibalism is a distinct possibility. Any all teams that approach this population should do so with the utmost caution.

We're going to guess this isn't a Carnival outfit.

We’re going to guess this isn’t a Carnival outfit.

Another communication found on the Enemies section of the Crimson Isle region page believes that the Exiles are already on Crimson Isle. Signal interference that’s determined to be unnatural suggests they are concealing something big. Looks like this zone will be a hotbed for Dominion and Exile conflict.

You can read all the details about Crimson Isle over at the WildStar Official website, but we like what we see. Something about a barren wasteland rife with undiscovered resources gets our motor running. Speaking of running motors, check out the wicked chainsaw Clawblades on this Draken Stalker!

Draken Stalker

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