Carbine Says: “Come at Me Bro!”

UPDATE: Well, that was quick. An Editor’s Note on the article now states: “Originally this article stated that we were hosting a stress test this weekend. This is not the case, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We will keep you updated on the exact timing of our stress test in the coming days, and apologize for any confusion.”

Craig Turner, Live Producer over at Carbine on WildStar dropped in this week to issue a challenge and announce the first large-scale Stress Test for the game. Turner starts by giving us a bit of background on what a “Live Producer” actually does. From the article:

In trying to think of a way to concisely explain all of the various things I do (since some of it’s really boring), I came up with the analogy of a Live Producer being a Flagman at a Race. In other words, I’m the guy precipitously leaning out over the race track waving various colored flags over cars speeding by at 200 mph. Actually, that analogy might work better than I originally planned.

Before the Green flag can come out there are lots of moving pieces that have to be in place. There has to be a place to race (server hardware), the track has to be cleared of debris (bug fixing), drivers and cars have to be on the track ready to go (new game features), everyone needs to know the rules so they aren’t playing bumper cars out there (patch notes are complete), and only when everything is in place and ready does the Green Flag come out (I open the servers to the players).

When there’s a car accident on the track (server problem), I get to decide whether it should be a Yellow Flag or a Red Flag and how we are going to go about getting back to racing. This is where the analogy starts to breaks down, so I’ll move on from it. The point of this being, I’m the single point of contact for everything that involves our servers. Not because I know how to fix everything, but because I know all of the moving pieces, how they break, how much they can take, and who is best suited on our various teams to fix them.

In other words, Craig’s job is to ensure that the game is running smoothly and to keep all of the moving pieces that make up the game directed in times of crisis. In order to make sure he’s ready to do that upon launch, these types of tests need to happen (I guess in Tuner’s analogy, these would be practice laps and/or qualifiers.)

You Said The “B” Word

So of course, yes, this is a Beta Stress Test coming up this weekend, and theoretically it will involve a huge amount of players getting invited for one weekend only to test the game. Hold your horses, Tonto. You need to realize that this type of test is rarely fun and/or even playable depending on how successful the test goes. Don’t expect to have a fun-filled weekend of questing on Nexus. You should expect “Error 37″ this time around. However, in payment for your participation in this weekend’s antics, all participants are guaranteed an invite into a future Closed Beta Test. So yeah, get out there and bring the server down like a ton of bricks, and know that you do so for the betterment of the game, and for a future testing experience that will be smoother and more fun for it.

For the full article, and more details, hit up the WildStar Official Website.

Written by: Datix

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