[WCQ] What has been the most fun/enjoyable gathering you have experienced?

Hey there readers! We’re lucky to have a post today from one of the most active and prominent figures of the WildStar fan community, Anhrez. Periodically, Anhrez polls his fellow fans with a thought-provoking question about an aspect of the game and/or MMOs in general. He was kind enough to hand over the summary of this particular WildStar Community Question for us to host here at Mission: Nexus. Be sure to follow Anhrez’s exploits on Twitter, read his regular column “WildStar Bucks” over at WildStar Fans, check out his own page Settler in Exile or hear him in Episode 24 of the Nexus Weekly Podcast! (Whew…that guy gets around.)

It had been a while since I imposed on some people from Wildstar Central to share some of their thoughts on past games. This week I wanted to quiz some people on gathering. We have all heard of (and seen in a snippet of friend and family) about Wildstars ‘crit’ gathering feature. The thought of spawning a rock worm to kill and then mine its innards makes me smile. So I wanted a few people to think back to some of their previous gaming experiences to share with us their thoughts on fun/enjoyable gathering.

Unindel – Unicorn Duck Shadow Puppet at Gamebreaker.tv and Site admin Dissecting Design

For me it’d be mining in Ultima Online. It was my first real MMO and I got a huge kick out of setting out on a ship and sailing the seas in search of ore nodes along the coasts. Even if the gameplay wasn’t usually that engaging, it actually felt like a significant excursion with the way I was using a separate map to plot out my journey and was developing routes for myself. So a large part of why it was so fun was just the immersion I felt in the role and the way I didn’t follow an exact guide (just some general tips from people I spoke with) and sort of developed my own routes and procedures.

Datix – Podcaster and Site Admin at Mission: Nexus

Most enjoyable gathering skill, you say? That’s a tough one. I’ve always found gathering skills that don’t require you to deviate from normal play to acquire your materials. For example, Skinning in WoW or Scavenging in SWTOR. Both skills provided a fair amount of materials from consuming certain mobs you would encounter along your way and were woven into your typical play without setting aside time to farm crafting materials specifically.

Yakzan – Econ guru and Moderator at Wildstar-Central

That’s an impossible question to answer. The WoW method which is found basically everywhere now was perhaps the most ‘chill’ one, but I wouldn’t say enjoyable. Perhaps the most interesting one was the old FFXIV one if only because it was SOMETHING different. SWG had an interesting way to find and gather materials but not exactly the most exciting way as you either had structures to gather them or just macro’d all day long. In the end, I can’t really say any gathering system that I’ve encountered in detail has been particularly noteworthy at all.

Arawulf – Podcaster Planet Nexus and Site admin at Wildstarfans

I can’t honestly say that I’ve spent much time playing an MMO where I’ve ‘enjoyed’ gathering. I certainly wouldn’t call gathering fun. Usually the gathering fun was found in the open world “pvp” that would spontaneously happen. The prospect if WildStar’s gathering seems to be a breath of fresh air – with the possibility of, say, a mining node shooting out of the ground as a nasty giant wyrm. Perhaps WildStar will finally make gathering fun for me.

psuedo – Podcaster Nexus Weekly


I got tabards and mounts and could make fancy-schmancy fish feasts that people would pay a bloody fortune for.

Give me fishing, Carbine. Let me putter away my afternoons watching the Nexian sun set on the briny shores of an alien ocean and I will be happy.

Gray – Podcaster Nexus Weekly

The funniest gathering profession experience I’ve had in my mmo past is the Beast in Blackrock Spire in WoW. I was proud of myself for reaching the particularly required skinning skill to even get a chance at its hide and my guild mates told me to run on in and skin him without us killing him. Contrary to popular belief I wasn’t that stupid to expect the best but I didn’t see a Tom Tupa punt that sent me a football field in length in the air coming either.

Killing the boss and getting a chance to skin only after meeting a threshold is cool beans in my book.

My favorite gathering professions are those that require I take something from the corpse of what I just killed. This appeals to me for a number of reasons but here are three for you:

They never require me going too far out of my way to find the ingredients. I kill a yeti and I skin the thing right after the fact.

They’re doubling the sense of accomplishment when I’ve just killed the required 10 yetis for the quest and get to capitalize on earning some good ingredients to get my crafting skill going, too.

Extracting things directly from corpses seems to me as the most likely profession for someone thrown out into a fantasy world and depending only on his/herself. Meat for cooking, hides for shelter and bones for rolling dice, of course!

MMOPapa – Wildstar Community Activist

I’ve said it before and I’ll say again; if you haven’t experienced Firefall’s Thumping system? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

“It’s like having sex with combat and being rewarded materials for it.”

No but seriously; its a little elaborate but I’ll try to give the shortened review… A Thumper is a module that comes plummeting from outer space and into the ground. Once it has made contact with the terrain, it will extend its legs and plant itself firmly into the ground to begin ‘thumping’. It’s literally a thumping movement. It’s hardcore humping the ground at this point. Now… what would you expect to occur when a massive mining module comes plummeting from outer space and starts having dirt-sex with the ground? That’s right… it attracts the attention of a mass number of enemies (Thumpers come in three tiers; the higher the tier, the more enemies) that will stop at nothing to cease it’s thumping.

Objective? The Thumper starts at 0% capacity and 100% durability. Your objective is to defend the Thumper while the capacity raises. Interacting with the Thumper will send it back off into space, dispersing the minerals gained between your group members. This means you can send it off at 1% or you can send it off at 100%; it’s up to you. However if the durability of the Thumper reaches 0%; your Thumper ceases to exist. This means it is destroyed and it will take you HOURS to build a new one if you even have the minerals to build a new one in the first place. So long story short… reach 100% capacity and send it off before your Thumper reaches 0% durability due to being attacked by an onslaught of angry enemies.

Final Fantasy also had a tolerable/enjoyable gathering system. The fact that you earned skills as you ‘leveled’ in that gathering ‘class’… it’s extremely unique and difficult to explain; sort of like a mini-game with gathering.

Lethality – Social Media Director Zam

I don’t know if I’ve actually found a gathering skill enjoyable in and of itself.

What I like is the hunt. When I go out on gathering sessions, I like to figure out what my best options are. If I’m mining, which caves have I found that have quick spawn rates vs. low mob density. Or maybe it’s figuring out where to catch the best fish.

And lets not forget mining the auction house, but that’s another topic.

Anhrez – Cupcake aficionado and Site Admin at Settler in Exile

I know its odd to say but I really enjoyed skinning in WoW. (Gray you are spot on) I liked the fact that i was directly involved in created my nodes, that there were rare nodes for me to kill and skin if I could ( Finkle’s Skinner anyone?). I also liked skinning as a way to grief players that stole my skins. As a druid that skinned I could follow a player who had done the unthinkable and stole one of Anhrez’s skins in raven form and just about steal 50% of their skins until I got some sort of acknowledgement that they would not do it again or they logged out.

I also agree wholeheartedly with pseudo about fishing (Datix can I get an Amen!) there was nothing wrong with a hard grind to separate the weak-willed from the true fisher-peoples! I want rare mats, and to earn them I want to work for them as those that do not want to work for them will not….allow those that do the ability to captive on their laziness!!!!

Thanks to all that responded, my hope is that we can keep looking to our past for the bits and pieces of games that really engaged us to share with the community and with Carbine to help build the best game possible.

Written by: Datix

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