Payment Model: Our Thoughts

Well, it looks like we were right that a subscription option would be part of it, but we definitely didn’t suspect WildStar to take a play from EVE Online’s book an adopt something akin to PLEX. By now you’ve likely heard that Jeremy Gaffney himself unveiled the business model for WildStar today, and it’s a traditional subscription model, with a twist. For players who have time to spare and the means to farm up enough in-game gold, WildStar will offer C.R.E.D.D., an in-game item available to be purchased with real money and sold on an in-game Commodities Exchange to gamers with the resources to buy it. C.R.E.D.D. will offer 30-day extensions to a player’s account, effectively allowing those with the dedication to earn them an alternative way to “play to pay.” A handy interactive flow chart and FAQ can be found here, but read on for the initial thoughts from the Mission: Nexus staff on today’s announcement.


datixPersonally, this model is as close to my ideal as I think we were likely to get in today’s MMO market. I’ve made no bones about my affection and belief in a subscription model being viable and desirable despite industry trends, but the inclusion of C.R.E.D.D. gives an option that doesn’t blur the line between P2P and F2P in a way some other hybrid models have. While I never got into EVE Online, the idea of PLEX (similar to WildStar’s C.R.E.D.D.) always intrigued me. I’m a player who has limited time to play, so farming endlessly to earn gold has always been difficult for me. However, I’ve never had a problem paying a monthly fee and feeling satisfied with my price/entertainment ratio. With C.R.E.D.D., I’m able to take the occasional disposable income and essentially convert it to in-game currency for a boost from time to time. By doing so, I’m also helping those players with less real life money and more free time (looking at you, college crowd) to play a game without the need to deplete their checking account. To me, this model is a win-win, and I’m excited to see how it fairs among the cash shops, buy to play and other models out there.


skya mangaC.R.E.D.D. seems like a power-players wet dream, but in my honest opinion it means very little to me. As a new player, I’m apt to place more focus on the story line and developing my character than on looting and selling. And since I intend to play a scientist, I’m curious what my opportunities to collect look like compared to other paths. I don’t want to knock C.R.E.D.D. because I intend to try to experience the system and see if I can make it work for me. I simply don’t think it will be something I get into until I’m well acquainted with Nexus and my character. That said, I’m glad that the sub model seems competitive to what I’ve paid before and I’m alright with a sub model if it means I get my content.


domiI’m ecstatic the payment model will be subscription and I really like the spin they put on it with CREDD to where you can purchase game time on the CX with in-game currency. To me, a subscription model just screams that this will be a higher quality game than a F2P and I won’t be constantly bombarded with the game telling to make a purchase in a cash shop in order to make content available. The last thing that I want is to get nickel and dimed while playing the game and end up spending more than what I would have on just a flat subscription. Also with CREDD, should something happen to where funds are tight in the household for a month and I have to choose between $15 of food or paying $15 to play WildStar, I can just grind away at playing the AH or doing every last daily quest to purchase my playtime with CREDD. Now I can pocket that $15 and go stuff my face-hole with 15 McDoubles.


CaptureI am glad that WildStar is going sub model with options. I was actually worried about the whole cash shop/pay to win, though not to the point that I thought I wouldn’t play the game. I felt a sense of relief and was very happy after reading the announcement. While I don’t see myself using CREDD, I think it is a viable option for those who have the time to earn the gold, and not necessarily the financial means to maintain a sub. For me, a sub is much more convenient. I will throw my money at Carbine in return for not having to micro-transaction my way into content. Also, having to pay to see all content or reach max level just doesn’t sit well with me. I feel a sub adds integrity and a sense of credibility to the game, and shows that Carbine has faith in their own product that it can sustain a subscription base. It seems to me games that go F2P lose respect of the community in general.

What Do You Think?

So there you have it, readers. We’re curious, as we’ve seen quite the variety of reactions to the announcement today. While we’re all on board with the WildStar model, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Put ‘em in the comments below, or hit us up on Twitter and tell us what you think!

Update: It seems someone has created a Straw Poll to get some feedback from the fans. Check it out over at:

Written by: Datix

9 Responses to "Payment Model: Our Thoughts"

  1. chris says:

    I like the idea of it. something I’ve wished for several time in games I’ve played. It it truely keep goldspammers away all the better. I may do this the selling of a CREED once or twice later in the game since im not a econ pvper.

  2. Frank says:

    I love it!
    In my experience the games with F2P tend to attract way more trolls and goldsellers. Since RP is one of my main interest in an MMO that’s quite an important argument.

  3. Patsy says:

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  4. Shirl says:

    That’s way the betesst answer so far!

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