Our WildStar New Year’s Resolutions

Well, here we are…2014! Happy New Year, WildStar fans! That’s right, we’re now officially in the year of WildStar’s release, although that part comes later this year. Never-you-mind though, it’s the season for making resolutions and then immediately beginning the mantra “I’ll start tomorrow.” In that spirit, we’ve decided to put our own spin on things and disclose our resolutions for WildStar when it releases later this year.



datixMy resolution is a simple one, and although the Elder Game will likely prove a tempting fruit to pursue, I fully intend to see this out. My goal for WildStar in 2014 is to take my time with my first run through Nexus and soak in everything the game has to offer. That means reading the quest text, exploring every inch of the zones, and completing everything I possibly can on my journey to level cap. I want to know everything there is to know about the world Carbine has crafted, and there’s plenty of time on alts for a speed run!


skya mangaMy New Years Wildstar resolutions are pretty simple. First, I want to slow down enough this week (with the holidays now coming to a close) to spend some time on Nexus. (Editor’s Note: Can’t wait to see Skya’s thoughts on the 1-15 experience!) I’m ready to dig through both factions to collect lore bits and journal my findings. Lastly, I want to keep working on my combat skills. I’m still new to combat and I like that Wildstar throws you into combat training almost immediately. I’m specifically going to work on the run/fight combo as I now have a new mouse to play with!


domiI will give all three tanking classes an equal shot to be my main. I typically sway to a sword and board type style when I choose what I am going to play. But since that is not really going to be an option in WildStar, I will give the Engineer, Stalker, and Warrior each a play-through before making my final decision.



CaptureI resolve to get a melee class to max level in beta. No, not really. I actually resolve to just log in more play time, to get some live-streaming in, and most importantly, to beat Datix, Domichi and Skya in a duel.


We Want To Hear Yours!

So there you have it, readers. Will we stick to the resolutions we’ve made? We’ll find out, but we definitely want to know what you’re planning as your WildStar resolutions. Go ahead and tell us in the comments below, or hit us up on Twitter and tell us what you think!

Written by: Datix

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