Noob Narrations: the Journey to Nexus

Hey everyone! I’m sure by now you’ve learned that I’m the new girl in a world of gamers just itching to get their hands on Wildstar. What you may not know about me is how the heck I got here. Am I a lifelong gamer? No. Have I run dungeons and raids with the other three Mission: Nexus crew members (and our friends)? No. Have I max-leveled a character in an MMORPG before? No.

So what the heck do I want with Wildstar? Suppose maybe I should take a step back…

I wasn’t a game nerd, but I was a book nerd growing up. In fact, I was the child whose punishment was revoking the library privileges and confiscating my library card. I’ve always loved literature, especially ANYTHING with mystical or fantastical beings (i.e The Chronicles of Narnia and The Brothers Grimm). Super Nintendo didn’t show up in my house until I was about 14 and by then I was… your stereotypical teenage girl. That said I’ve always had a love for geek culture and the amazing worlds that are created in science and fantasy fiction.

A few short years ago, I became friends with this crazy band of IT guys who live “nerd” every day. Computers and tech, games, books, tv, movies. You name it, they’re talking about it. Suddenly I was home again, except I was way behind the curve. “Yes, I get the reference, but I can’t say I’ve ever actually played that game….”

I dove head first… okay, toe first into Star Wars: The Old Republic since I was a huge SW fan and just wanted to play with my friends. This, as it turns out, was not the smartest decision on my part. Let me tell you how I played:

  • Business model Dell Latitude laptop
  • No mouse (yes, I ran trackpad)
  • Shared “family” internet connection

My first MMO experience was choppy at best and I have since learned that, while I really enjoyed watching people play the game, SWTOR probably wasn’t a first-gen gamer’s best introduction to the world of MMO. Not to mention, I get frustrated when learning new things doesn’t go smoothly. I stopped playing SWTOR at level 12 having never run with more than one friend, never grouping up, never raiding or running a dungeon, and never choosing a skill tree. Kind of a massive fail on my part.

Cut to December of last year. Datix had an extra pass for PAX East, which I had drooled over the prior year. MINE! I don’t think I’ve been that excited to be in a room full of thousands of people…. yeah, I’ve never been excited to be in a room full of so many people in all my life. (*cough* wallflower *cough*) I decided to do it old school and drive the 13 hours each way to Boston, Massachusetts. The whole thing was an exciting mash of cosplay, fangirl freak outs, panel lines, and “Whoa” moments.   It was also at PAX East that we hit a panel on some game that I knew nothing about: Carbine’s Wildstar.


Skya joins Datix (center) and their friend Jolli (left) at the PAX East Curse Gaming WildStar after party.

Holy Nexus landing, cupcake! I needed a drool bucket by the time I left the panel room. Add that to the stop at the Carbine booth to meet Scooter and you realized just how serious this team was about creating a truly stellar MMO experience. I signed up for beta, I got my path pins (woot!), I watched my friends play a few rounds, and later that weekend we hit the Curse Gaming Wildstar party. This game hit so many loves of mine right on the head. Amazing graphics, hilarious and well-done promotions, a down-to-earth crew behind the scenes, and mystical creatures! There was only one problem: I am not an MMO gamer…

I’m currently working on specing and building my first rig to get started. I don’t want to walk onto Nexian soil completely lost, so I’m gonna be hitting a F2P MMO to try to get my bearings. While we’re waiting on the arkship to hit warp, I’m hoping I can chronicle some of my exploits, failures, lessons learned, and frankly, seek out the wisdom of those who have been there before me. Perhaps what I have to say will take you back to your first experience playing an MMO. Perhaps there are others out there who want to get into this amazing community, but just aren’t sure how yet. Perhaps there are even people like me who are intimidated by the process of joining a gaming environment that is so public and so fluent in the language of game. Whatever the case may be, I hope most of all that when I see you on Nexus (and I better see you… ) that the camaraderie we’ve already built stays intact, and that the in-play community is as supportive, even of noobs like me, as it has been thus far.

Until next time!

Written by: Skya

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  1. chris says:

    Welcome to the world of mmo. Looking forward to seeing your journey. :)

    • Judith says:

      It’s woruenfdl to have you on our side, haha!

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      EEEEEEEEK!!! So glad that arrived!I forgot to say that the tops were all from Vanessa!!! So remiss of me! Hail Vanessa!You look frigging amazing in that catsuit,I KNEW you would!! Divine!That leather vest only fit my thigh,you tiny Goddess you!!!YAY!Love Helga xxxXXXxxx

    • ça m’avait beaucoup étonné, à l’époque, que personne n’ait mis de commentaire sur cet article, tant je trouve que l’énergie développée par Bright Eyes est exceptionnelle. Bon Noël aussi à vous tous.

  2. Domichi says:

    Can’t wait for more of these Skya!

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