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As we near PAX East 2014, I find myself reflecting on the past year. I knew about and followed WildStar for some time before actually getting my hands on it at PAX. (Seriously, if you don’t believe me check some of the old Uplink Analysis articles. I’m what the cool kids would call “O.G.” …or something.) But although I had some reserved hopes that a new sci-fi MMO could come into my life and fill a void, I wasn’t ready to dive head-first into the hype pool. That changed at PAX East last year. I went in with a healthy amount of skepticism, and I left with some sketches on paper and a domain name, Twitter, Facebook, etc. all reserved and ready to go. The only problem was, while I had some friends in the MMO fansite community, I had zero clue how to do this.

Lucky for us, the WildStar community is a welcoming place. The encouragement and support we received from Carbine, as well as other sites like WildStar Central and WildStar Fans made us feel welcome. We had some rough ideas of what we wanted to do with Mission: Nexus, but first and foremost we told ourselves that we wanted to have fun. We all knew from the get-go that a podcast was in the cards, so we prioritized getting the Mission: Nexus Podcast going.

We Had No Idea What We Were Doing

A big part of my friendship with Domichi was formed around listening to various WoW podcasts and chatting about them. We’d thought about doing our own podcast for a long time. One problem…I have no training or background in audio production, and let’s face it, it shows. Heck, I even named our first episode accordingly! We really did have no idea what we were doing, but we were having a blast doing it.

The initial outpouring of support and followers we gained after that episode blew us away. Suddenly, we felt like the bar was raised. People were expecting us to bring them our take on WildStar during a time when the flow of information was a slow trickle. I was fortunate enough to come on other shows like Late Night Dominion, Wildcast and the Planet Nexus Podcast during those months, and learned a lot from the hosts of those shows. I watched our stats on the site continue to rise, and I worried about my ability to “keep up” in the community with family obligations and graduate school. Our podcast went from “every two weeks” to “hopefully this month” to “I’m just going to quit making promises.” Our written content went the same way, and you’ve likely seen that our updates have been pretty sparse lately.

So What’s This All About Datix?

I said everything above so that I can say this – Mission: Nexus is not going anywhere. Although we’ve been slow to update and get new episodes out these past few months, we remain committed and ridiculously excited for May 31st. (Because you’re all pre-ordering for Early Access…right? Right?!) We’ll still be doing the podcast, and I’ll keep writing about my thoughts and experiences with WildStar. But I’m coining a new way of describing our site: we’re the casual fansite.

We’ve always said that we would rather send fans to another site than try to copy what’s already been done (and likely done better), but we don’t want to stop contributing our thoughts. However, I’ve waited a long time for WildStar, and the last thing I want to do is fly through the content Carbine has spent years creating. I’m going to take my time and smell the roses, even if those roses are actually Stemdragons waiting to eat my face. Besides, mainstream sites and other fansites are much better equipped with resources to bring you in-depth coverage, guides and news. (Besides, have you seen how fast Arawulf and his team can pump out coverage of announcements and news?)

I will still write from time to time. The Devs have always listened. As long as they keep listening, I’ll keep talking. But my writing efforts will focus on personal opinions and editorial content. For an idea of what I mean, see my article on Fishing.

So with our limited resources, we need to rethink what Mission: Nexus is about. Through discussions with the rest of the crew, it’s clear that the podcast is our love. The Mission: Nexus Podcast will now take center stage, with most of our time and resources dedicated to bringing you shows more frequently.

Wrap It Up, Will You?!

If you’ve skipped to the end to just see if this is a big “I Quit” post, I’ll recap and give you the necessary details. Because running a fan site and doing real life is difficult, the podcast will be the main piece of Mission: Nexus moving forward. This way we can focus our time on one thing and get it out there regularly. So if you hoped for an “I Quit” post, I’m sorry to disappoint. We’re not going anywhere. Mission: Nexus is going to continue to deliver a podcast of unique discussion, fun segments and fake commercials about products we made up based on a screenshot we saw that one time last April. At the end of the day, it’s what we do best.

See You On Nexus (And Beyond),

Written by: Datix

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