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Welcome to Guilds Gone Wildstar, a new column that will highlight some of the gaming guilds and communities that plan to drop on to Nexus and explore the world which Carbine is building for us. We want to showcase the plans, play styles and history of these groups in order to help gamers without a “home” for WildStar to potentially find a guild that meets their needs. First up, we have Ruthless. Ruthless is a Swedish guild which focuses primarily on the players and the social experience.

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Ruthless plans to establish both hardcore and casual groups so that all members can feel comfortable playing the game in a way that best suits them. In addition to these two groups, Ruthless will hold several in-game and real-life events to help build the best community possible. They are currently only looking for players who speak and understand Swedish. This is understandable, as we imagine leading a 40-man raid will be hard enough without the barrier of not knowing what the heck the Raid Leader is saying!

Vital Stats
In Their Own Words

Ruthless is a Swedish gaming association that focuses to have a good community. Ruthless was founded in 2010 as a SWTOR community and a SWTOR gaming community, shortly after that we renamed ourselves to Ruthless and became SWTOR’s first Swedish guild. Since then we have developed a lot and we are now working with both EA Games and Bioware. We are also sponsored by QPAD and through them we have our own online store where we sell Ruthless products.

After playing SWTOR for half a year, many of our members became interested in playing other games together, such as Diablo, Guild Wars 2 and The Secret World. We decided to become a Multi-Gaming Community. This means that we have several guilds / teams in different games, but all go under the same name and website, Ruthless. In addition, we IRL events, like barbecues, retro games evenings and paintball, etc. You should feel welcome to join our community!



Establish Guild, Strong Community
Ruthless members Georg (right) and Britney (left) check out WildStar at Dreamhack.

Ruthless members Georg (right) and Britney (left) check out WildStar at Dreamhack.

Ruthless has a proven history in MMO titles, and originated in one near and dear to my heart, The Old Republic. These guys are class acts and work hard to keep their members engaged and informed about all the games in the MMO space which they play. They follow WildStar closely, and as you can see above, they already have amazing plans in place for how they’ll make the most out of their time in WildStar. With strong support from their members, and a fantastic attitude towards welcoming players both casual and hardcore, you can’t go wrong adventuring on Nexus with the Ruthless crew.

If you’re a multi-game kind of player, we’ve already mentioned SWTOR, but Ruthless sticks together through more than just one game. They keep it fresh with a presence in Guild Wars 2, as well as a planned presence in the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online. That means if you’re sitting on the fence, guildless and alone, you can join and jump into the fun with them today. I applaud the fact that Ruthless keeps the community across multiple titles. The groups that games together stays together! And as they mentioned, what better way to show your pride than through official guild merchandise? Hats, shirts, hoodies and more are all available on their RuthStore.

For those of you out there that can’t be bothered to read/research on our own, don’t just take our word for it. These folks know what’s up. But if a measly 500 word article is just too darn long for you to read about the awesomeness that is Ruthless, check out their 2013 promotional video below!

Written by: Datix

12 Responses to "GGW: Ruthless"

  1. Ebanon says:

    Thank for featuring us. Been a member of Ruthless for 2.5 yrs now and I loved every minute of it. Some really cool gals and girls there. Even due I don’t play SWTOR or GW2 anymore I love hanging out on Teamspeak and the forums. Talk gaming in general and wait for Wildstar.

    Big fan of the podcast keep up the good work.

  2. Britney says:

    Great article, thanks for all the kind words!

  3. Ozziriq says:

    I have been playing alot of games over the years, pretty much all MMO’s and switched guilds here and there alot, hell i even held a guild on my own in WoW. But now that i have been at Ruthless since SWTOR i cant see myself leaving for another community. its like a big family that you know is there whenever and whereever. :-)

    And i friggin love that pic or Britney and Georg. great one :P

  4. Siffer says:

    Great words for a great guild, I can only say this guys know how to take care of there members.

  5. Krizzlock says:


    Thanks for the kind words, i have been a part of the Ruthless Community for over a year now and playing in the SWTOR section, can’t complain at all, i like it!

    Thanks :)

  6. CurtisBothe says:

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