First Screens of Stormtalon’s Lair Arrive

The fans over at posted some of the first screenshots we’ve seen of a 5-man instance known as Stormtalon’s Lair on their Facebook page today. As part of the EU Arkship event taking place this week, attendees were given a chance to play the Deradune zone along with getting to take a crack at Stormtalon’s Lair. The 40+ image gallery reveals what looks to be a cavernous structure populated by ugly gnoll-looking creatures and one seriously angry winged dragon (perhaps the namesake himself?) There’s a lot to pore over in these images, and surely more to come out of the EU Arkship. We’ll leave you one guess what the focus of this week’s upcoming Rampant Speculation will be. Stay tuned, Nexites!

Written by: Datix

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  1. Chris says:

    Very neat pics. The change in bright colors in areas of darkness is very pleasing to me. Some things that pop out to me.
    1) what mobs are show dont come in high number. This hints that we wont need cc to deal with most pulls in the dungeon.
    2) There are two bosses show in here based on size, amount of pics and how awesome they look. First one is a dragon like boss. This guy had a lot of swirling animation in the pics. Second one is a giant almost undead looking dude. He has lots of adds around him sometimes with bubbles surronding them sometimes not. Some pics have the bubble shooting a beam at the boss. Wonder if we will have to take down the adds before they buff the boss or what other functions they might be doing….

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