Episode 3: Red Dead Rowsdower

In this episode of the Mission: Nexus Podcast, the gang discusses the path information overload brought to us by Carbine and a sexy robotic minx by the name of Agent Voxine. Over glasses of Domichi’s homebrewed Slush and Apple Wine, the crew brings another hour of WildStar goodness. Also featured: Datix laments the loss of his beloved woolen brethren, and we dive head first into the M31 Patch Notes to call out some of our favorite tidbits regarding Rallying/Mentoring, tradeskills, attribute names and milestones. After that, we take some more questions from our listeners and friends in the community. It’s episode three of everyone’s favorite that other WildStar fan site’s podcast!

I do want to take a minute to thank community member Anhrez, not only for his support and providing great questions for us to discuss, but for supplying us with a batch of his famous Exile Espresso coffee. We had all intentions of brewing it to review on this week’s episode, but we had a last minute location change and Datix forgot to bring the goods with him. We will have a thorough discussion/review of his generous gift on the next episode.

What’s in this Episode?

00:00 Introductions and talking Domichi’s Grog
01:10 Path Reveals from Team WildStar 1
11:25 New DevSpeak Video on Paths 2
16:30 Patch Notes for M31 3
25:50 Tradeskill Speculation based on M31 Notes
31:45 Our thoughts on Mentoring & Rallying
43:05 Q&A: Preferred Auction House Structure? (from @Anhrez)
47:15 Q&A: Why did we choose to do a podcast, and why WildStar? (from @Jar_Nod)
53:20 Q&A: Have we changed our Path choice given the new info? (from @Anhrez)
54:50 Q&A: If one of us got into a CBT and the others didn’t, how would we handle that? (from @Anhrez)
58:15 Shout-outs and Settler in Exile contest 4

Dear Brofessional,
I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for beta keys, I can tell you I don’t have any. But what I do have, is a limited set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long gaming career. Skills that make me a nightmare for Soldiers like you. If you let the other Rowsdowers live, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.


Referenced Links

1. Paths Epic Drop
2. DevSpeak: Paths
3. M31 Patch Notes
4. Rowsdower Themed Path Pin Contest

Written by: Datix

15 Responses to "Episode 3: Red Dead Rowsdower"

  1. Chris says:

    Another great show.
    Question for next time.
    Something you want to craft? example a pink unicorn mount, a permanent buff potion, or even a house plug in that spawns monsters to keep your home safe.

  2. Anhrez says:

    Who put a ? At the end of Crissy’s twitter address ?

    • Datix says:

      I think that was Krissy herself. She had a momentary brain lapse. :)

      • Erratic says:

        Krissy’s twitter link also is directed at christman, FYI (about us section). Cut/paste ownage.

        • Datix says:

          Thanks for letting me know. I fixed it. I’ll be sure to lock her in the shame closet to think about what she did.

        • Jodi says:

          Smart thnkiing – a clever way of looking at it.

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        • http://www./ says:

          This is such a well-written and funny prompt! I love this, Sam. “The triolet is the albino ruby-throated hummingbird of verse forms. Exceedingly rare in the wild, but a joy, a miniature miracle of creation.” … just beautifulAnd boy did you crack me up with the “Triolet” game.I’m normally afraid of form, but I might be able to handle eight lines. We shall see!

        • http://www./ says:

          Hey Karen,We will be sharing recipes soon. We have a separate tab recipes but I haven’t gotten it together yet to post any. Of course, if there’s something specific you’re looking for, just let me know. S

        • Jeg kan ikke finde smÃ¥folk overtøj nogen steder, og min dreng pÃ¥ 4 Ã¥r, nægter at komme af med sommerjakken før han fÃ¥r en ny med æbler!!SÃ¥ hjææælp mig ellers bliver bettemand vist snart en forkølelse eller to:-)pÃ¥ forhÃ¥nd tak.Kitt

        • I live in Australia and I just watched all six episodes of this. While the performances were a little over-the-top and ‘shouty’ and the audience laughter seemed slightly fake and irritating, it was still pretty funny with some hilarious bits. The Aussi boss was brilliant. Just read all the bad reviews on the BBC blog; c’mon it wasn’t that bad you whinging Pommy bast@rds.

  3. Erratic says:

    Great show! Also glad to see some fellow Buckeyes around the Wildstar scene. Curious if you will have a guild, localized or otherwise?

    • Datix says:

      Thanks, Erratic! Always good to know we have some listeners from the area. As far as a guild, none of us feel up to it at this moment. We have all run guilds in the past and right now we’re leaning towards finding a good guild to join rather than running one. That may change as we see more and the community grows, however!

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