Episode 29: Megazords!

We’re back, and boy do we have some big topics to cover! Carbine announced that WildStar will be moving to Megaservers in an upcoming change, and the crew gives our thoughts on what that means for the game, players and the future of WildStar. PAX Prime happened, and we got some new, juicy details out of the event regarding a solo dungeon: Omni-Core 1. Unfortunately, it’s not all good news this episode, as we discuss the depature of Jeremy Gaffney. We also want to give a special thanks to Arawulf, whose support of Carbine and WildStar, as well as the community is much appreciated. We’ll miss you Mike, but there’s always a chair here if you feel the itch to talk WildStar on a podcast in the future. Thanks not only for your support and encouragement, but your friendship.

Enough of the sappy stuff, let’s get to it. Episode 29 is here, and the crew ain’t goin’ nowhere yet. Enjoy!

What’s in this Episode?

What’s in the Box?
Jeremy Gaffney steps down
Arawulf moves on to another chapter
Omni-Core 1: WildStar’s First Solo Dungeon

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