Episode 27: Time Management

Hey, look! Mission: Nexus is publishing really late again. Shocker. Well this time I have a valid excuse involving a talking raccoon and a downright heartwarming tree. Either way, the irony of this show’s topic isn’t lost on us. That’s right, we’re talking about time management. How do you balance playing an MMO like WildStar alongside your regular responsibilities? The crew gives you our tried-and-true methods, along with some tips to effectively spend your time in the game as well! We’ve got some fun letters from our listeners this time around, and one heck of a a tolerable D&D regarding alternate theme songs for the game’s various zones! So better late than never, join us on our 27th episode of Mission: Nexus!

What’s in this Episode?

Introductions: Our favorite item/gear piece
Nexus Transmissions
Time Management: Real life, in-game, and parenting
D&D: Our picks for alternate zone theme songs

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Written by: Datix

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