Episode 26: Constructive Crits

Let’s face it, nobody’s perfect. WildStar and Carbine are pretty darn close, though! Of course, there’s always going to be some things in any MMO that annoy players, and the WildStar is no exception. So at the risk of tarnishing our “fanboy” image, the Mission: Nexus crew decided to take an episode to discuss some of the small things in WildStar that bug us. (Spoiler Alert: We still love the game like a tubby kid loves cake.) Of course, we keep the criticism constructive, so don’t expect epic levels of angry forum poster rage. We don’t roll that way (and neither should you!). Outside of that, we have our usual run of segments lined up. Players saw the loot changes implemented to Dungeons and Adventures this week, so Datix and Domichi return with D&D to give our thoughts on them. Cacuin brings us another edition of This Old Housing Plot, giving you the skinny on Plugs, and we respond to our viewer listener mail in the Mailbag segment. It’s a jam-packed episode, weighing in at just under an hour and half!

What’s in this Episode?

Introductions: What’s our /played?
Nexus Transmissions
Constructive Criticism: Minor annoyances we have with the game
This Old Housing Plot: Plugs
D&D: Loot Changes to Adventures and Dungeons

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Written by: Datix

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  1. Bear says:

    Love the new direction., But be carful. once you cross that critical views. It gets harder to become a official site.

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