Episode 2: Literally Twice The Podcast

We’re back with another fun-filled episode of the Mission: Nexus Podcast! We took a week off due to some illnesses and scheduling conflicts, but Datix, Domichi, Krissy and Skya have returned to your ear holes for another hour of talking WildStar. This episode, we talk about the Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology and how it compares to Path choices in the game, and Datix expresses his rather unhealthy affection for a certain recurring rowsdower. We finish out with some Q&A from our friends around the community, and a special thanks to our 100th Twitter follower, @unindel!

Note: It wasn’t until after this recording that I even realized the rowsdower has a name, thus I call it the sheep/goat like an uneducated idiot all episode. -Datix

What’s in this Episode?

00:00 A word from our new sponsor
02:00 Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology and WildStar’s Paths 1
13:18 DevSpeak: Movement discussion 2
30:10 Upcoming Beta Stress Test 3
39:00 Q&A – In-Game voice chat? 4
44:25 Q&A – Why is the WildStar community so amazing? 5
51:50 Q&A – What types of pets & mounts do we want to see? 6
1:00:18 Q&A – What class/path/race combo is the least interesting to us? 7
1:08:05 Shout-Outs and wrap-up

Another long show! We’re always looking for your feedback so that we can tailor the show to our fans, so don’t be shy and post some comments below. Also, if you get a chance to subscribe and rate/review us on iTunes, well that would just be the tops. You can also insult us in 140 characters or less over on Twitter, or email the hosts at podcast@mission-nexus.com.

Referenced Links

1. Bartle Test on GamerDNA.com
2. DevSpeak at Official WildStar Website
3. WildStar Wednesday Beta Stress Test
4. @sissywhitfield’s Question
5. @WildStarLore’s Question
6. @NexusPetopia’s Question
7. @Anhrez’s Question

Written by: Datix

12 Responses to "Episode 2: Literally Twice The Podcast"

  1. Anhrez says:

    Great episode!
    Next week Q:What are you going to do if one but not all of u get into CBT2?
    Who do I mail a bag of nexus coffee for a review too?

    • Datix says:

      Thanks! Good question – we’ll be sure to have a battle royale over that. :)

      As far as coffee, we’d love to review it! We’ll feature it on an upcoming episode as our beverage du jour! I will DM you my address on the Twitters.

  2. Chris says:

    Great opening!
    I scored as explorer 73%, achiever 67%, socializer 40%, killer 20%.
    Still want to be the settler tho.
    wildstar parkour!
    Love the idea of having a area in my house for my pets and mounts. I hope they really do that.
    My least favorite is granok, warrior solider.
    Question for next week. One thing you want in your house?
    Another great cast!

  3. Theodrax says:

    You mentioned another new podcast during yours. I don’t remember where it was in the broadcast however and wanted to check it out. Could you give a link and/or referral over to it?

  4. Bloodraptor says:

    Awesome episode! funny stuff and a great dynamic between friends! I will however disagree with the sentiment of pets not being allowed to have a fighting or dueling/breeding system in a Pokemon style. it is true that it may not be people’s cup of tea but that does not mean it shouldn’t be in the game. I personally do not like open world PVP, but I understand the love for it and believe it has its place. If there is an aspect of a game that doesn’t interrupt my chosen gameplay the I am still happy. I do believe that pet fighting or breeding would add an extra function and gameplay goal to strive for other than just having a decorative creature following you.

    Thanks for your time and keep up the podcast, one of my top faves!

    • Datix says:

      Thanks for the compliments Bloodraptor! While I didn’t particularly fall in love with the battle system in WoW, I don’t disagree that it would be a good addition for those who enjoy that side game in WildStar. Perhaps my amended stance would be that so long as it doesn’t consume a large amount of resources from other critical areas getting ready for launch, I’d love to eventually see it included!

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