Episode 1: We Have No Idea What We’re Doing

Here we are, the inaugural episode of the Mission: Nexus Podcast! We have appropriately titled this episode “We Have No Idea What We’re Doing,” because none of us have ever made a podcast before. In this first episode, we introduce our hosts Datix, Domichi, Krissy and Skya, and we delve into a bit about ourselves before covering the latest news out of Carbine and the WildStar community. We laugh, we cry and we wax philisophical about Space Bacon and the aphrodisiac properties of Scrab claws. It’s good old fashioned family fun!

 UPDATE: This should have been linked below, but a special thanks to Jeff Kurtenacker (@JeffKurtenacker) for the music we used to intro/outro. We love that he shares this with the community so early in the process. Find more here: https://soundcloud.com/inhisgroove/sets/wildstar-mmo-ost-cues

What’s in this Episode?

00:00 Introduction of the podcast and hosts
07:13 Wildstar Wednesday Thursday: Crimson Isle 1
17:11 Discussion of Corey Loftis article from WildStarFans.net 2 (and some fanboy gushing)
25:07 We talk about PvP and Gazimoff’s interview with Bardic 3
35:24 Why didn’t Datix mention Tank/Healer in Rampant Speculation about classes? 4
39:30 Stormtalon’s Lair discussion and BlackWolf and Mizpah’s EU Arkship Posts on WSC 5
50:15 SVG and Late Night Dominion’s Eldan Games Charity for Child’s Play 6
57:15 We’re too old for this s**t and grew up with first world problems
59:37 Listener Q&A from FateFlyer and wrap-up 7

So that’s it! We want to try to keep it under an hour (this week ran a bit long) and will hopefully be bringing you new episodes every other week to start. So please, give it a listen and be gentle, but please provide us any and all feedback to tell us what you’d like to see out of the Mission: Nexus Podcast in future episodes. As always, we can be reached on Twitter at @MissionNexus!

Referenced Links

1. Crimson Isle overview on WildStar Official Website
2. The Loftis Effect: Untamed Playful Imagination (WildStar Fans)
3. WildStar: The PvP Plans (ZAM)
4. Rampant Speculation: The Unknown Classes
5. A Tale of Two (EU) Arkships (WildStar Central)
6. SVG – Child’s Play Event – Eldan Games – With Late Night Dominion (WSC Forums)
7. FateFlyer’s Q&A Tweet (@FateFlyer on Twitter)

Written by: Datix

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  1. Chris says:


  2. Harry says:

    Well done guys.
    Nice podcast and FINALLY someone that says that PVE servers are a choice. I am always getting the feeling that if you are not on a PVP server then you are either below average player or tha you are not experiencing the game fully.
    One question.. any plans on putting your podcast on iTunes?

    Thank you again for your effort!

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