Community Transmissions: Gaming for Charity

Hey Wildstar Fans! Skya here, serving up some recent news to satisfy your Wildstar appetite.

Several members of the Wildstar Dominion guild Subterfuge Vanguard (SVG) recently began hosting a weekly Wildstar live-chat. Taking place every Thursday night at 10 PM EST on, Late Night Dominion (LND) will give the Wildstar community a chance to catch up on what’s new with Wildstar and connect with the panel of hosts for questions and commentary.

In addition to all the news and updates, LND is also hosting events for our gaming family. Late Night Dominion is kicking off the events with a Child’s Play gaming marathon. This 24-hour bonanza will get the community members engaged in some of today’s most popular PC games to benefit the charity. Titled in appropriate WildStar manner, the Eldan Games will begin May 18th at 10 AM EST. I should also note that you don’t have to participate in the gaming portion of the Eldan Games event to support this amazing cause. In fact, you can already start donating towards the cause right now.

I also want to take a moment to spotlight this community overall. The Wildstar community, from the developers to the gamers-in-waiting, has been promoting fansites, asking and answering questions, and collaborating to make Wildstar a knockout success. As a relatively new gamer, this encourages me to continue to interact with the community-at-large and be part of the movement. Our underlying mission is showcased by event’s like Eldan Games and I’m excited to see what else we can do.

Speaking of interaction, M:N was lucky enough to catch up with Oroshi from Late Night Dominion and SVG via email to learn more about the event.

MN: We love the idea of gaming marathons for charity. What made SVG decide to do the Eldan Games?
Oroshi: I first came across Child’s Play from the Extra Life marathon. With the recent stigma on players, I wanted to organize something to show what kind of difference a small group of driven individuals can make. As we’ve mentioned in numerous posts, we “believe that the cornerstone of a good MMO is built upon active players that have a positive influence on the community.” We, as active gamers, wish to influence the Wildstar community by being an example of how players can reach out to one another through various methods including events, thread discussions and more.

MN: What made Child’s Play the charity you chose for the event?
Oroshi: Why Child’s Play? Well we attended their PAX East panel, where I got to learn more about what they do, and how they help children. In short, they buy gaming equipment for Children’s hospital wards, allowing the children there have a break from the routine of being in the hospital.

What does this equipment include? Child’s Play adapts to the needs of each institution, whether they are in need of consoles, televisions, accessories or even personal tablets. No matter the need, millions of children will benefit from our efforts and that’s essentially one of our goals, giving back to those who don’t have access to what we all love to do and making their day a little bit brighter.

MN: You recently launched the donation page ahead of the event. Have you seen some early donations?
Oroshi: Yes we have already had some early donations, with more trickling in over time, we are not worried at this point as I’m sure once people see what we have been given by Carbine the donations will come rolling in. What we can publicly say about the gear that Carbine has donated for the event is this: We are very jealous of the winners of such epic loots.

MN: We’re eagerly anticipating the games list that will be played during the event. Any hints as to potential titles yet?
Oroshi: We are still kicking ideas around the at the moment here is where we are right now

  • Minecraft Hunger Games – While this is fun, we would need a server for it, or to find one, depending on the numbers this could be hard, and its not free to play.
  • DOTA2 – Yes its free to play, its in beta still so you need a key, I know most people have plenty to spare, its just the logistics
  • LoL – Free to play (check), no need for a server (check), not too many people can join in each game maybe at a quieter point
  • Smite – Same as LoL
  • Planetside 2 – Its fun to play, and we can get a lot of people into the same server.
  • Any free to play MMO – Tera, Aion these work, like PS2 we can get lots of people together on one server, to go and mob stuff.
  • Realm of the Mad God – very silly, don’t need a server, and lots of people can join in.
  • Team Fortress 2 – fun free to play shooter, just need a quiet server to play on.

So as you can see, making the list is pretty hard, as it needs to be something potentially a lot of people can join in with.

We are trying to conform to these rules on game selection

  • Free to play
  • Multiplayer
  • Does not need a dedicated server (Unless you can provide a large one)
  • Not be under any form of NDA where by we can not stream our gameplay
  • Needs to be playable for several hours.

MN: Late Night Dominion has gotten a lot of positive buzz in the community, and the idea of a Vodcast is a unique one that we haven’t seen before. Any hints at your plans for the show in the future?
Oroshi: We have several planned shows for the future but we cannot go over specific topics at this time. Part of our process for show material is going over everything that is published about Wildstar weekly and trying to bring as much information to the table to discuss within our time schedule. We try to schedule developers from Carbine, community members, and fan sites as often as possible. You will just have to keep tuning in and find out!

MN: Of course we can’t have a good interview without asking a cliche question: Dominion or Exiles?
Oroshi: Dominion of course, why would I stoop to being an Exile?

Earlier this week, after the email interview, Oroshi also provided us details on a smaller giveaway taking place prior to the event:

I’ve started a small pre-giveaway for the Eldan Games, its as follows: If we reach $200 then I’ll randomly give away a code for Krieg the new upcoming character for Borderlands 2.

Sounds good to us! You can learn more about the Krieg giveaway right here:

Again, feel free to read (and contribute to) the thread over at WildStar Central to chime in on what you want to see out of the Eldan Games.  And don’t forget, you can donate ahead of the event using this link:


Written by: Skya

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  1. Chris says:

    Always warms the heart to see gamers playing and giving at the same time. Been involved in smaller scale ones to fight hunger and for breast cancer research.

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