Elitism Has No Place Here

I’m not saying elite players have no place in WildStar.  I’m saying the elitist attitude has no place in WildStar.

WildStar isn’t released to the general public yet.  How can the Elitist exist in a game that isn’t being played yet?  The Elitist thinks he’s better than 99% of WildStar’s players, but there are no players.  So the Elitist is better than….no one?

Maybe the WildStar Elitist is good at other games, but we all know WildStar is different, and being a one percenter in World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Cube World, or all of the above doesn’t mean he’s going to be a one percenter in WildStar.  Sure the one percenter in other games can call himself an Elite Gamer, and may even have a reasonable expectation that he will be a one percenter in WildStar, but he’s not yet.  So, he has no right to tell anyone that he’s a better WildStar player, and that he deserves better loot, gear, or even a beta invite over anyone else.  It certainly does not give him the right to tell a casual player, or a player that focuses on aspects other than PVE or PVP that he sucks, or even worse, that he is not a “real” MMO-er.

Generally speaking, the Elitist has a belief that he is a better player than the rest of the population.  That doesn’t mean he actually is a better player than the rest of the population.  A gamer calling himself an Elitist, is telling the gaming community “I think I’m better than you.”  But, if I call you an Elitist, I’m not saying I think you are a better player than me.  I’m saying that I know that you think you are a better player than me. FYI, this is not a compliment.

This is not to say that if you are a one percenter, and you have the toys to prove it, that you should not be proud of your achievements.  Go ahead and hang out in the common area on your cool mount wearing your cool gear and wielding your cool weapon.  You deserve to feel pride from your accomplishments.  Go work hard, kill Mr. Big Bad Boss, get your giant bad-ass sword then show it me.  I’ll be there to say “That’s a cool giant bad-ass sword!”  But, if you want to get your giant bad-ass sword and then tell me I’m not a “real” mmo-player because I don’t have one…well, I have one thing to say to you: Get the <redacted> off my lawn.

Written by: Krissy

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  1. heavyscythe06 says:

    Thank you for this post. I totally agree with this. I agree that i tend to be (in general ) a casual player because I am unable to commit as much time as a hardcore player in other mmos.However it hurt to find people putting me down because I am a casual player. Saying such things as people like me being what is wrong with MMOs.

    I enjoy roaming across maps and looking for lore tidbits and slowing down to smell the digital roses. I won’t hit max lvl or top gear for quite a while but is that really so bad ?

  2. Sumner Radix says:

    I totally agree. While I personally don’t have problems with these type of players it is because I really don’t care what their opinion is about how and when I choose to play. I do know others that are not as thick skinned as me though and in general elitist attitude tends to ruin a game. For me it is more than just how they treat other players. It is how they treat Dev’s and the community as a whole, often demanding the whole game be changed to suit their style of play, even if it sacrifices the enjoyment of the majority of players.

  3. Wilder says:

    As a hard core casual, I love this article. I’ve played many MMOs (CoH, WoW, GW, Vanguard) and quite a few MOBAs (LoL, DotA) and My biggest complaint was that exploring and lore finding was neglected by most in favor of grinding. I’ve had max level chars in every game, but few of those levels, excepting CoH, were in an organized group. I am/was King of the PUGs.

    Its one reason I am so intrigued by Wildstar’s Path choices. Settler, Explorer or Scientist all appeal to me as ways to add playability outside of Just grinding and raids.

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