Costumes: Let’s Play Dress-up!

Over the years, a common complaint and request has been prevalent in just about every MMO title’s community outcry: let me look the way I want to look! In response, we’ve seen everything from basic armor dye systems that help keep colors uniform, to fully modifiable “shells” of gear that you slot with the stats you need to craft that perfect look. As this type of customization has become a genre staple in recent years, Carbine took note and found a way to let players live out their best Clint Eastwood meets Neo meets Bozo the Clown fantasy: Costumes.

Almost immediately upon setting foot on Nexus, players will begin finding pieces of gear without stats that are simply labeled “Costume” with the slot name. These items are used to customize the look of gear in the head, shoulders, chest, hands, leg and feet slots to mask any gear the player might not like to wear because of the way it looks. Outside of the purely costume pieces, you can imprint the look of your “traditional” gear into your costume to dramatically increase the number of options available to set yourself apart from your peers.


There are even full theme outfits to hunt down, adding incentive and gameplay for the more fashion-conscious adventurers looking for this year’s fashions. In just the starting levels, I’ve already received costume items as mob drops, uncovered them as Discoveries (those glowing areas you see randomly pop up out in the world), and even had them just given to me.

Given the popularity of WoW’s transmogrification system, and the hours of time players put in to collect and wear various items to achieve a unique look, it’s a safe bet that the Costume system will be something Carbine uses to offer those player types an alternate time-killer. Personally, my experience with the system in my limited time in beta has bestowed upon me an amazing Tiki mask and a full set of “Highwayman’s Gear”, as seen below.


So what happens if you show up to raid MetalMaw wearing the same outfit as another player? Well, besides being ostracized by the Protostar Fashionistas Guild*, you have the ability to save multiple costumes and switch between them quickly and freely. Even highwayman-gearbetter? As it stands in the current beta build, you don’t even need to carry those costume pieces in your inventory to use them. I slapped on and saved my Highwayman’s set before tossing the items in the bank, and can still load that set to my heart’s desire. I definitely dig this feature, especially as someone who sunk much of my time running between the bank and the transmog NPC in WoW. I hope it remains possible with the retail launch.

So for those of you who have been asking how WildStar will solve that “clown outfit” issue that plagues other games during the leveling grind, here’s your answer. I’m excited to see how the Costumes system evolves over time, and given what I’ve seen so far, I can imagine that the available items will run the gamut from super-serious-super-sci-fi-solider to dude-wearing-a-flowered-dress-with-a-rowsdower-hat. Given the WildStar universe so far, that sounds right at home.


Please Note: This information is based off of a Beta build of WildStar, and is subject to change prior to launch.

Written by: Datix

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  1. chris says:

    Nice mask. I like your chua better without it tho.

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