Cute. Cuddly. Shooty. Explorer…ey.

For those of you who just like to kill things, Domichi is taking on the Warrior/Soldier combo for our Landfall coverage of WildStar. That’s never been my style. I like a little more finesse in my characters. (Hey Domichi, I can make bad plays on words, too!) Due to their acrobatic antics and dual pistol killin’ tools, I settled on a cute, but oh-so-deadly Spellslinger/Explorer to take to Nexus for our team-based coverage. For those of you who have followed us in the past, you know that I tend to take quite a bit of time on the more audio/visual aspects of our site. Due to this, my available writing time to prepare for Landfall has been short. Luckily, we had to test our Twitch Livestream earlier this week, and it gave me a perfect opportunity to run my Spellslinger through the paces on the Dominion Arkship, Destiny. So Domichi and the others can have their fancy words, I’ll just let you see for yourself how a Spellslinger/Explorer rocks his way through the first three levels in WildStar below. But don’t fret, as I host the playthrough, I make sure to take time to explain the abilities I receive, as well as show off the two available Explorer missions in the zone.


Please Note: This information is based off of a Beta build of WildStar, and is subject to change prior to launch.

Written by: Datix

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