Creating Kryssi: Character Creation for the Female Mechari

For our Landfall series, I decided to create a Mechari Medic rolling down the Settler path. The Medic presents a whole new playstyle for me, and the Settler path is the least familiar to me of all of the paths.  I chose Mechari because Domi and Datix chose Cassian and Chua.

Though I know Kryssi is not a real person, and I realize she will become scrap metal when the game launches, I spent a lot of time creating her.  As you can see, she turned out magnificently.  I mean, look how cute she is!

What a Hottie!

What a Hottie!

The first screen we see when creating a character is this one:

2013-12-20 18_59_25-WildStar 6430

Decisions, Decisions…

As you see, we choose our faction, race, class and path, and gender…unless you’re confused like Datix a Chua. All of your faction, race, class and path summaries are right there to help you with your choice.

2013-12-20 18_59_53-WildStar 6430

Now for the fun part: customization. We choose our face style, then customize it to suit our aesthetic.  We also get to choose our skin color, hair style, crystal color and facial accessories.

2013-12-20 19_00_10-WildStar 6430

As you see facial customization has a shload of options:

2013-12-20 20_00_48-WildStar 6430

Hair style, skin color, facial accessories and crystal color all have a respectable array of choices as well.  You may notice there is no option for a body type, nor are there any body type sliders at this time.  I know a lot of people have strong feelings about this, and I do not know what Carbine’s plans are regarding body style choices at this time.

2013-12-20 20_01_29-WildStar 6430 2013-12-20 20_01_17-WildStar 6430 2013-12-20 20_02_05-WildStar 6430 2013-12-20 20_01_39-WildStar 6430

Once you’ve made your decisions, you choose your name and, fingers crossed, you don’t get one of these:

2013-12-20 23_47_19-WildStar 6430

This means my name choice is taken….dangit!

Instead, you get your freshly made female Mechari.  Now get out there and kick some ass!

2013-12-19 22_01_38-WildStar 6430

It’s Meeeeee!

Next up for Kryssi: shocking her way through the Arkship Destiny, while learning all things Settler.  See you soon cupcakes!


Please Note: This information is based off of a Beta build of WildStar, and is subject to change prior to launch.

Written by: Krissy

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    Yes her “Firm Ware” is rather impressive. >: )

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