Class Preview: Stalker

We continue our look into the known classes available to players in WildStar with our next stop, the Stalker. Stalkers will utilize stealth and speed to gain an advantage over it’s enemies. Let’s start with what Carbine says about the class on the official site.

From the WildStar website:

Stalkers are feared throughout the galaxy as silent and deadly assassins who always eliminate their targets.

 The Stalkers’ training begins with an injected serum of advanced nanotechnology. The nanites within the serum instantly create a cerebral interface that gives the Stalker access to powerful technological abilities—such as advanced stealth capabilities, optical holoprojection, and enhanced defenses. This interface also accelerates and enhances the Stalker’s physiological systems, allowing them to execute impressive physical feats and complex martial arts disciplines. These abilities, used in concert with a pair of well-balanced alloy clawblades, make the Stalker a fearsome opponent on the field of battle.

 Stalkers are also masters of tactical combat. Using their neurological enhancements, they strategically control the battlefield, utilizing combat hardware such as proximity mines to maximize their kill potential in each and every encounter. Their cerebral interface also provides real-time analytical data during encounters, allowing Stalkers to energize their clawblades based on their opponents’ greatest vulnerabilities. The result? During combat, Stalkers leave a pile of corpses in their wake before silently disappearing into the shadows.


Although it is a little known fact, the technological prowess of the Stalker is owed to the Eldan themselves. When the Dominion was first established almost two-thousand years ago, the humans of planet Cassus were given a number of technological gifts from the Eldan—including a small sample labeled ‘omni-plasm’. This sample contained millions of programmable nanites—which in time became the basis of the Stalker’s technological abilities.


There are currently five known races that are able to be Stalkers. Representing Stalkers in the Dominion are the Cassian, Draken, and Mechari. For the Exile, you have the Human and Aurin. The only known race that cannot be a Stalker is the Granok. Seeing that the Exile only have two races that can be a Stalker, is it possible that the unannounced race for the Exile will be able to be a Stalker?  Could be a safe bet.

Draken Stalker


It is alluded that the Stalker class has a background with deep roots in the lore of WildStar. This dates back nearly two-millennia with the initial rise of the Dominion and their interaction with the Eldan. Were all Stalkers only affiliated with the Dominion in the beginning? If so, how did the Exile acquire the serum or the technology to become Stalkers? Perhaps this will lead to a faction imbalance with the Stalker class. I imagine that this is something we will find out as we play Stalkers and learn more of their history for both the Dominion and Exile. This should make for some intriguing game play and hopefully add some complexity to the story lines for both factions.

As a Stalker, you’ll be filling either a Melee DPS or a Tanking role while wearing Medium Armor. Combat will have you wielding clawblades that emit a screeching vibe of awesomeness as you hack your foes to shreds. Additionally, your clawblades will utilize different energies to help you take advantage of your opponents weaknesses. Since you will not be covered in Heavy Armor, you will want to avoid taking as much damage as possible by evading attacks.

When it comes to stats, you’ll be want to look for gear with Dexterity if you plan to DPS and Technology as a Tank. You’ll also be managing your resource (think Focus from the WoW Hunter class) in the form of Suit Power.


The Stalker class will fill the stealthy and evasive melee combat role in WildStar, so if dancing around while slicing and dicing up the bad guys sounds like fun, then the Stalker may be the class for you. While we’re sure to learn more details about the abilities and talents of the Stalker as time goes on, this class looks like it will be a lot of fun to play. I am also really looking forward to learning more on the background of the class and how it evolved over time in to both factions. What are your thoughts? Are you as excited to play the Stalker class as I am?

Written by: Domichi

6 Responses to "Class Preview: Stalker"

  1. Chris says:

    wonder if they will do with this class what Rift did with the rift blade. Greater evasion and movement capabilities with cool downs to make them equal with more traditional tanks.

    Over all I like the class. The wolverine lover in me kind of wants to try one.

    • Domichi says:

      Yeah, I was thinking wolverine from the first time I read up on the Stalker. While they have not released much on how this class will tank, I’d have to say that you’re right about evasion, movement, and cooldowns – let’s just hope that it will not be too much to manage.

    • Brandi says:

      I will be putting this dazlnizg insight to good use in no time.

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