Class Preview: Esper

The time has come. It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for…no, we do not know the two unannounced classes for WildStar. I’m talking about my debut article for Mission:Nexus of course! Sorry for the delay, I have been busy raiding. I’m here now though, finally addressing the fourth of our four known classes, the Esper. I do love saving the best for last.

From the WildStar website:

Espers are masters of the mind who tap into powerful psychic energies to lash out and incapacitate enemies or strengthen and protect their friends.

The connection between the mind and body is a powerful thing, and no one demonstrates this better than an Esper. Rare individuals that display unusual mental fortitude, Espers must undergo rigorous training in order to harness the turbulent, chaotic energies of the mind – eventually learning to focus and transform this energy into telekinetic power. Once they have mastered this ability, Espers learn to use the psyblade – a sharp and deadly projectile weapon propelled through the air by the force of their minds.

But the psyblade is not the only weapon in the Esper’s arsenal. They can also manipulate mental energy to create illusions so convincing they are capable of inflicting very real damage on their enemies. This same technique can be used to bolster friends, allowing them to return to the fray after being injured in battle. A fully trained Esper can turn the tide in any conflict, sustaining and healing their allies while dishing out devastating mental blasts against their foes.

Mind Tricks

Mind Tricks

Currently only three races play an Esper: Aurin and Human for the Exiles and Cassian for the Dominion. This is interesting in that it seems Esper race choices will be more limited than any other class. I wonder if there is a lore reason for this, and am interested to find out! I will speculate that at the very least, the unannounced Dominion race will be able to roll an Esper.

When fulfilling a ranged DPS role, the Esper will be using her psyblade to eviscerate her enemies, and using her psychic abilities to melt their faces. She’s not a one-trick pony though, and can also fulfill a healer role with a mixture of AoE and single target direct heals and HoTs. She might even bend a spoon or two with her mind, just for your entertainment. She’s pretty bad-ass though, so you will need to be extra-nice if you want to see that!

The Esper will wear light armor, use mana and focus points and will be in hot pursuit of items with Moxie (DPS) and Insight (Healing).


The Esper’s versatility will make her a vital member of just about any group. Without having all of the information (hint, hint Carbine), I am about 99% sure I will play an Esper. What about you?

Written by: Krissy

3 Responses to "Class Preview: Esper"

  1. JJ says:

    No offence, but what is the point of just restating the information contained on the Wildstar website?

  2. Anhrez says:

    Great summary, so far you can only chase down bits and pieces. Any chance you all have a decent vid editor on the team? Maybe cut out some of the Esper action we have seen in vid play and cobble it all together as a ‘known to date’ style of play?

  3. Valento says:

    Facts not mentioned: Espers will use mana (obviously) and Focus Points, combo-wise the purpose of normal skills that uses mana is to build focus, they’re called focus point generators, FPs are used with focus point consumer skills.
    FP consumers spend all accumulated FPs at once and increase its effectiveness depending on the amount. For example, Mind Stab can only be used if there are FPs available, with 1FP the damage is X, with 5FPs the damage is 4 times stronger, if you got 5FPs all of them are consumed by Mind Stab at once. Max FPs is currently set to 5.

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